Sunday, 19 April 2015

How to be alone

The thought of being alone used to frighten the life out of me when I was younger. However, recently I've found a sense of satisfaction and peace in spending time by myself. It's a learning curve and you have to ease yourself into it. 

I have a fantastic group of friends who make me cry with laughter every time we're together, but realistically they can't hold my hand through everything. There are times when I am alone and whilst that used to be daunting to me, that's no longer the case. As I've said previously there's a big difference in being alone and feeling lonely. 

Do small things that make you happy

On Sundays get the freshly washed bedding onto your bed, put some relaxing music on, get the kettle on the go, find some of your favourite old books that you've forgotten about and curl up in your bed. I love going through my second hand poetry books and finding my favourite verses and writing them in my journal. It's a collection of my favourite quotes, verses and general personal ramblings. It's fun to read over them and find some solace in quotes.


This seems like such a simple answer and people that know me will laugh because I am the least sporty person ever. I hate to sweat and I hate wearing lycra. However, I recently forced myself to sign up for the gym after being fed up of wallowing in self hatred. At first it was a struggle and not fun in the slightest but as I've persevered I've begun to enjoy it and all the things people say about sport making you happy are true. It's the sense of knowing you're in control and deciding to do something good for your body which is really satisfying.

Have lazy days

As humans we love to overthink everything. Some days I find myself thinking about something I said in passing to someone else and worrying how it came across and whether I was annoying or not. I've found since working full time my head is buzzing and full with thoughts. The best thing to do in these situations is to put some candles on and open up Netflix. Lazy days prepare you for the week ahead and there should be no shame in taking a few hours out to marathon your favourite series or re-watch cheesy movies (The Beautician and The Beast, I'm looking at you).

Treat yourself

Life is too short and you work too hard to not buy yourself those ridiculous shoes or to treat yourself to beautiful fresh flowers for your home. Reward yourself for all the hard work you put into the working week. Sometimes getting up in the morning can feel like a battle and it's much better if you can get up and put your fanciest shoes on. Not only will everyone in the office be jealous but you will feel like a million dollars. Being confident in yourself makes such a difference in how you act and how others treat you and if a pair of shoes make you feel like that: get them.


Look at your bookshelf and pick out a book. It can be a trashy romance novel or a book covering your favourite historical era, it doesn't matter just pick up a book and read. Reading allows you to escape into a different world and let you forget your worries. I personally like to pour myself a gin and tonic (slightly heavy on the gin of course) with some elderflower and lemon and settle down reading about strong females who changed the history of the world. If Boadicea can drive around in a chariot and lead a revolt against the occupying Romans I can get up in the morning, put a bra on and get through another day at work.

Take your friends on adventures

This isn't strictly doing things by yourself, but going on little adventures with friends can make you feel more confident and ready to take on the world. This weekend my uni friend Simone and I walked from Cardiff Bay to Penarth. It wasn't a big adventure, it really was just exploring what was on our doorstep but it's amazing the kinds of adventures you can have just by stepping outside of your door. We had a great day and it's going to be a memory that's going to stay with me. The next step from here is being brave enough to go on a holiday by myself.

Go for food by yourself

Going out and doing things by yourself can seem very intimidating especially things such as eating out which is seen as a social thing you do as a couple or in a group. It wasn't something I was keen to do as I was worried about what others would think. I was worried people would look at me and feel sorry that I was by myself. But saying that, since a solo trip to London I love eating out by myself. I always take a book with me but people watching is almost more satisfying, and rather than people feeling sorry for me they talk to me and strike up conversation. 

What are some of your favourite things to do alone?

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Cake Cake Cake

In the last week of March I turned 24. Another year older, another year wiser supposedly. I'm inclined to disagree because my google search history still shows things like 'what temperature to wash bedsheets?' and 'how to get US Netflix on TV' so being wiser is debatable.

What is not debatable is the delicious cake that Patisserie Valerie arrange for me to pick up as part of my birthday celebrations. 

The latest addition to St David's in Cardiff is a branch of Patisserie Valerie. I've always been a huge fan of pastry, a guilty pleasure that got a little out of hand when I was in France for my year abroad. So of course I jumped at the chance to design my own cake.

You heard that right, it's a cake lover's dream. 

Creating your own Patisserie Valerie cake is beyond simple, you get to have creative control over every aspect of the cake. You start off deciding the sponge type (vanilla or chocolate), the type of cream layers as well as the fruit filling. My choices were vanilla sponge, Chantilly cream filling and mixed fruits. I love the contrast of sour berries with the sweet vanilla.

Then you get to choose the side decoration, these choices are overwhelming as you get to choose between three different types of chocolate (dark, milk and white). In my case I went with the dark chocolate cigarettes. Dark chocolate always feels decadent and expensive (plus it's better for you than milk chocolate so at least there's there right?). 

One of the last steps is deciding on the topping, again this choice is hard to make because there are so many options: strawberries, exotic fruit, dusted mixed berries, chocolate profiteroles and various chocolate decorations. I went with mixed berries, my German grandmother loves to use berries when she bakes cakes so it felt like a nice touch.  You can also add a ribbon to bring everything in together (in different colours no less!) and include a written message on top.

I can honestly say this was a delicious cake, it was gone and eaten in the blink of an eye. The cakes do keep for a few days in the fridge but it never even came to that!

Being able to design your own cake is such a treat and really fun. It's great to be able to control all the elements and design a completely unique cake. This would make a wonderful present or gift for a loved one because it will be one of a kind. I'm already mentally planning the next one...

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Sunday, 12 April 2015

#MyGermanDiscovery + Giveaway

It's easy to forget sometimes that I come from a long and slightly eccentric line of Germans. My dad's job has meant that I've never actually lived in Germany but my mum made sure I learnt German and that I had at least some sense of my German background. It's not always been easy learning about a country which seems so far away from you. I learnt English when I was five and since 2004 I've been living in the UK so my home country has sometimes felt more like a distant cousin at times.

I never felt particularly German growing up but the longer I've lived in the UK the more I've wanted to connect with my history and I've always been very proud of where I have come from. My grandfather on my mother's side always had the most fascinating stories about our relatives, he could recall any dates and names instantly and listening to him always made me feel a little closer to my family. 

So when and InnTravel got in touch with me about seeing German in a new and different light I didn't want to say no.

The German cliqués are all about sausages and beer. But as stereotypes and cliqués go, naturally there is so much more about Germany than that. In fact it's probably worth saying that Germans have a great great love for wine. 

The village my dad was born and raised in is surrounded by steep hills upon which the grapes for the local wine grow and every summer there is a raucous three day 'Wine Fest' which of course involves lots of wine and lots of food.  Wine brings people together, so many of my memories from childhood are of watching the adults get together at the wine festivals, sharing bottles of local wine, laughing and sharing old stories. 

Being sent two bottles of excellent German white wine meant I could have nostalgic flashbacks to my summers in Germany whilst sat on my couch in Cardiff. The Dr. Loosen Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling Auslese is a wine that my family would crack open in the summer without hesitation. My family are big Riesling lovers, but if you're worried about enjoying a sweeter wine then give the Grey Slate Dr L Riesling Private Reserve Riesling a chance, it's only £9.99 at Waitrose. Knowing I can find high quality German wines in the supermarket warms my heart. I do tend to get homesick so knowing that I can get a pit of home in the UK is comforting.

When thinking about European chocolate you're most likely to think of Belgium and Switzerland straight away but if you're German then Ritter Spot will instantly transport you back to your childhood. Ritter Sport come in seemingly endless flavour combinations. They're designed so you break off small squares, that's probably so you don't eat the entire bar in one sitting but that's never stopped me.

Growing up my grandfather used to send these out to us in the post. But by the time the chocolate would arrive in the Middle East it would just be one big melted square of chocolate, but it was always the thought that counted!

Now if this post has you intrigued you'll be very happy to hear that InnTravel and giving away to one lucky winner the same German care packaged that I received! All you have to do is enter the Raffelcopter giveaway below for a chance to win two bottles of Riesling and tasty German chocolates.  Can't wait to hear what you think!

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