Sunday, 29 May 2011

today is a good day

Got round to choosing my modules for Montpellier on Friday and I'm studying a mix of Sociology and literature which will be really great.  Going to a different university on the ERASMUS program means I can try something new that I can't do here in Cardiff.

I scanned all the paperwork today and e-mailed it off so all I need to do is wait for a reply e-mail confirming my enrollment and then I can sign for the apartment.  I also found out on Friday that my parents could drive me down to France from Germany.  The original plan had been that I was going to go on my own.  I'm so glad they can set me up in Montpellier.  It would have been hell trying to get all my books, clothes and things to France on my own.  The thing that scared me the most was arriving on my own in an empty apartment.  Fish out of water so to say.

Things are finally falling into place and I can finally start to get excited about it all rather then nervous constantly.  Things are looking up.

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