Wednesday, 20 July 2011

October 4th - People and Things

This is the only album of 2011 that matters to me. This band has helped through so much and getting to see them live in 2009 was an unbelievable experience.  

I remember telling myself that after 3 years of listening to them and never having a chance to see them live, that I wouldn't cry.  But then they all came onstage and Andrew McMahon had the biggest smile on his face it was hard not to.  But then they played Bruised and I was an 18 year old girl, standing in a muddy field at the 2009 Leeds Festival and I cried like a baby.  I managed to get the set list from that day, I had tears in my eyes and my hands were shaking when I asked the bouncer for it.  At first he said no but I think the amount of water in my eyes swayed him.  I've never cried at a concert before and in all honesty I hadn't planned on crying but it was all so overwhelming.  I've got the set list n my journal where ever I go, and when I'm on a plane I sometimes look at it and I realize just how much the music has affected me.  The journeys don't seem so bad after that.  

Since I was 14 I've been a frequent flyer (on my own) and had no sense of home, and one day after an emotional goodbye from my Dad at Doha airport in Qatar and Bruised came on shuffle and it was as if a light came on.  Everything about the song spoke to me and that band has consistently been a major part of my life.  I don't usually believe in bands saving lives but the music gave me such courage and constantly reminds me that it's okay to not have a good day and to feel sad, but everything is possible and there's so many beautiful things about life that we should cherish.

“I think human beings make life beautiful. There's a lot of beauty in everything. I think what makes life beautiful is the ability to acknowledge that.” - Andrew McMahon

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