Thursday, 14 July 2011

Poste avion

Look what arrived in the post today! My enrollment papers from Montpellier arrived today.  Reading the first line where it said 'it is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Paul Valery III Montpellier', felt just like reading my UCAS letter when I got into Cardiff university two years ago.  i have a surprisingly little amount to do now paperwork wise.  All I have to do is photocopy my ID card, get 2 passport photos and photocopy my EU health card.  I don't even have to send anything off because this is all for the September enrollment.  

Getting this today has really raised my spirits, I've been pretty down these past two weeks and a minor fall out with my boyfriend didn't help either.  But then this arrived this morning and my best friend has booked flights to come see me in August.  I'm genuinely excited for her to come and now that my enrollment papers have arrived going to France actually feels like a reality, not just something I'm planning and something that's constantly on the back of my mind.  It's really something to look forward to now.

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