Saturday, 30 July 2011

thistle and weeds

My mother is a little garden crazy.  So today despite the horrendous temperatures for July (16 degrees Celsius) we went to several garden centers today.  I reckon her greenery obsession exists because when we live in the Middle East we don't have a 'real' garden, hence why she goes so crazy when we're in Germany.  The garden centers near us are just outside of all these little villages and surrounded by farm land.  Germany can be so very beautiful.  Even in bad weather.

Red bracelet: H&M, Friendship bracelet: hippie shop in München.  Rings left to right: my mum's, TopShop and I Am.

Glasses: Ray Ban, top: Zara, cardigan: Mango, scarf: Mango, jeans: TopShop, shoes: Converse, bag: TopShop

When I was little my Mum would read me this book called Mein Esel Benjamin and I loved it so much I'd make her read it over and over again.  Since then I've had a soft spot for donkeys.  And to my delight they had a big meadow with a family of donkeys at the garden centre.  They are such gentle and loving animals I really can't get enough of them. 

And yes this is my natural hair.  I used to be glued to my GHD's but last summer I was in Canada for 4 weeks and my straighteners wouldn't work.  So since then I'm far more relaxed about my hair and just leave it to have a life of it's own.  I don't use any product and don't do anything to it.  There's just no way to tame it.

So finished my day of garden adventures off with a cup of Earl Grey out of my William and Kate Middleton wedding mug (tacky tourist buy from London I just had to), and a few pages from The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.  I love the Brontë sisters but never got round to reading this book, the recent encouragement was that the BBC film adaptation of this was on sale so I bought it.  But I'm determined to read the book before watching it, so trying to read it as quickly as possible.

Hope you're all having a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

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  1. Great pictures, love your rings and bracelets and the donkey hehe.


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