Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bienvenue en France

I realise I said I wouldn't update but it turns out that the hotel I'm staying at has free wifi, and who am I to resist?  This post is to simply gush about today.  After a relatively boring car journey starting at 7am and finishing in Montpellier at 6pm we made it here in one piece.  I'm already in love with this country and Montpellier.  The weather here is beautiful, the buildings here and beautiful and the pace of life seems to be a lot more relaxed than I've ever experienced.  I managed to order dinner in French without making too much of an idiot out of myself.  I'm so glad and blessed to be here.  Not many other people can say that they got the chance to live in the South of France for nine months.  I'm determined to make the best out of every second.

So currently I'm sat in my bed in the super cute dinky hotel we're in, making a list of things to do tomorrow and listening to 'Bones' on tv.  My French isn't good enough to handle synchronized tv shows yet.  Listening to it makes me pay more attention rather than me being distracted by the good looking men (I've only every watched 2 episodes of the show in English so I have no idea what's going on).  Tomorrow I get to view my apartment, I have a sneaky feeling I'm living in the ghetto, I made the mistake of looking at google street view... I shall let you know.

Also there was some interest in what the little stuffed dinosaur in my last post is all about.  It's a souvenir from my boyfriend and mine's last trip until further notice to London together.  It's super sentimental to me because it was our last trip together and I've always loved stegosauruses, plus he's my lucky charm.

On a none dinosaur related note, it turns out the country Montpellier is in, produces more wine annually than Australia.  Safe to say I will enjoy it here.


  1. Amazing photos, I just adore France! :)

  2. nice blog and really beautiful pictures. I like it <3

    Lisa from lebeberlin.net

  3. Gorgeous images!


  4. Such beautiful photos. Really makes me want to go on holiday and be in France right now x


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