Sunday, 28 August 2011

I've been a little less visceral

Welcome to France Kate and William.

So at the moment I'm sat on my bed in my studio flat in university halls.  I've said bye to my parents who leave tomorrow morning.  I'm not one hundred percent sure how I'm feeling at the moment, it's a strange mixture of sadness at my parents leaving, being scared about the university in French prospect and being excited at my big adventure that's about to properly start.  I moved into my studio this morning after Dad dropped me off with the last of my things.  The past two days have involved lots of IKEA trips and food shop trips, I've been on my feet non stop.  My parents have really gone through an big effort to make me feel at home here, I'm so thankful and grateful they could come with me and help me through all of this.  I've got some lovely pretty IKEA bedding and some pretty little lamps. I don't understand why the people who build these student accommodations think it's a good idea to fit halogen lights, the lighting is so ugly and harsh but it's been fixed thanks to IKEA and their ace lighting section.  We've even added one of those cheap curtains so there's a bit more warmth in the studio.  I've managed to shove all my clothes into the skinny wardrobe.  It's pretty packed in there and I've actually put all my coats into my suitcase for storage, I doubt I'll be needing them for the time being.  It's beyond warm here, even when it rains it's still 27 degrees. 

My language course starts tomorrow for which I am NOT prepared for.  But I guess that's why we're having this course anyway.  The majorly frustrating thing about being here is that my French is enough to partially understand people but I can't communicate my point properly, it's beyond frustrating. Not being able to understand what people in the street are saying as you walk past them or what people are saying in restaurants.  I have all the right words in my head, or so I think, and then I just can't say them at all.  Obviously the language barrier will be fixed in due course, it's just very annoying being in the position of not being able to express yourself properly.  This hasn't ever happened to me before, once I learnt English I could communicate with everyone.  I've not met anyone in halls yet, university doesn't start until the 15th so I assume most people will be moving in next week.  I've heard lots of people speaking German here, and one of the girls from Cardiff who is also here is now friends with a German boy from the same town as me.  I mean I love Germans and all, and meeting someone from the same town as me would be cool, but I doubt it would improve my French.  I'd be lazy and speak German probably.

But all these things aside, tomorrow my year abroad officially starts and I am excited.  I will be posting more photos soon, I've just not had a good few 'face days' and it's been too hot to wear anything fancy I've just been running around in shorts and strap tops.  Thank you for all your kinds words and support though, it means a lot.  It's been a stressful couple of days and I just want things to fall into place now.

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