Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Je veux te voir

Jacket: Promode, top: H&M, shorts: New Yorker

Quick snapshot of what I wore out to an ERASMUS meet up tonight.  Not very patriotic I know wearing USA shorts but I've wanted some for a while but I was sick of seeing everyone walking around in the same shorts from TopShop.  I ended up walking into New Yorker with my friend a few weeks ago and finding these.  I never shop in New Yorker, their clothes verge in tacky and are very cheaply made but sometimes you find some treasures in there.  Like said shorts.  The night out was amusing to say the least, I spoke little French and even less German (thank goodness), met a lovely older student from Montreal whose number I sadly didn't get but I'm assuming I'll see him around anyway, Montpellier isn't such a big place after all.  The only thing I was shocked by was the price of a Corona beer: €4.50.  Painful.  But I've been drinking wine for the past week so needed to change it up a little.

My language course starts tomorrow, after today's test I'm expecting to be in the bottom group after my terrible performance but I'm not too bothered so far, I'm here to learn and if it means starting out from the bottom I don't have such a problem with that.  So far I've met some lovely people here including a girl from Cambridge who lives on my residences and she's great fun but sadly she's only staying until Christmas.  I've got language courses until the 3rd and then nothing until the 8th so going to plan in a trip to the beach some time.  I feel like the palest person in Montpellier at the moment and also possible the fattest.  French girls are so skinny, I feel a complex growing.  Less macaroons and more carrot sticks maybe...

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