Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Oh No!

Print dress: H&M (€24.95), Fox ring: New Yorker (€3.95) and Watching the English

When I don't feel good I do what girls do best, emotional shopping.  I only went into town today to pick up my photographs (they weren't in the shop yet booo) but instead I ended up hitting the shops.  I saw a blogger whose name sadly escapes me, showing this dress from her H&M haul and I knew I had to have it.  Anything black with little animals is a must for me.  I've worn my cat blouse from Zara to death already.  This dress is a good length and is a simple cut with a little string to tie around the waist but I'll probably replace it with a leather belt.  Finding dresses that suit me is actually really hard because of how small I am.  Most of the proportions on dresses are off on me, especially the waist area which on normal dresses for averaged sized people hits me on my thighs sigh, so the simpler the cut the better.  Can't wait to wear this with coloured tights (I'm thinking blues and dark reds maybe?) and wedged heels.

I've heard lots about Watching the English and can't wait to start reading it and find out that I can actually relate to a lot of the things in it.  Britain has adopted me and has had a massive place in my heart since I first started learning English at 5, and even more so when I moved there at 14.  I can sing verse one and two of God Save the Queen but can only manage the first two lines of the German national anthem.  I think that put things into perspective.

But shopping aside this was all to cheer me up and ignore what's happening next week, namely I'm packing off to France.  I came back this afternoon to my email being full of emails from the lady who is organising my student accommodation.  My to do list is getting longer and I'm getting more stressed.  I've been emailing my landlady in French this afternoon which proved to be a struggle as I ended up pasting her emails into google translate and have been heavily relying on to tell me what the French verb for 'to move in' is.  For your information it's emménager.   I feel like I've been posting a lot recently but it's mainly because after all the 7 million birthday parties in July, my August has been peaceful and undisturbed.  Until yesterday.  My to do list for France looks like this at the moment:

  • getting a letter from the bank to confirm my rent will go out of the account on the 5th of every month
  • setting up a HSBC account in Montpellier
  • setting up an electricity bill
  • set up an internet connection
  • fill out enrollment papers for the university
  • take passport sized photos for said enrollment paper
  • go to IKEA for pots, pans and general living needs
  • sort out a French phone number and get a phone that's not locked to Orange UK
My mantra of the moment is 'it'll be fiiiine', but inside I'm running around in cricles going 'NO NO NO IT WON'T BE FINE'.  A cup of tea is in order.


  1. This is really great and inspiring too. Hope you visit back c:
    Izzy xo

  2. I know exactly how you feel! I am totally freaking out, I move to Germany in less than a month and still don't have an accommodation or know what I'm doing about bank account and handy companies etcc D:

    Good Luck in France, I hope everything runs smoothly for you :) I'm sure you'll settle in just fine

    Beckie xxx


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