Monday, 15 August 2011

Science & Faith

Cardigan, v-neck, shorts: all H&M
Low tops: Converse
Wayfarers: Ray Ban
Hamsa hand necklace: Claire's Accessories
Rings: various
Bag: TopShop
Lips: Wonder Woman Collection Russian Red by MAC

I don't pretend to be a major fashunista.  I'm a simple kind of girl but I think that the clothes I wear look good on me and I know what works on me and what doesn't.  That's probably why I don't look very trendy this summer (also partly because we haven't had a real summer), this summer was all about crop tops and little shorts.  Not a good look on slightly chubby vertically challenged me.  The bad weather we've had here is just making me want to have Autumn already.  I'm so excited to start wearing winter clothes, oh the possibilities of dresses with tights and knitwear.  HEAVEN.  I probably get so excited about A/W because until I came to England at 14 I never experienced real seasons, just the 'hot' one and the 'less hot' ones in the Middle East.

So fashion aside today my mum, brother and me took my Grandad back to the town he spent his early childhood at.  He's pretty sick and isn't in great shape and he has so many amazing stories to share.  Mum wanted him to show us around so we could remember the stories and pass them down.  We went to a little church on a hill and I swear I've never seen my Grandad so happy.  He remembers the American's arriving in the town at the end of WWII , and the villagers blew up the little bridge in town to try and stop the American's from reaching the town, but obviously the American soldiers had those amphibian cars so going through the river was no big deal.  He also remembers getting lifts from a GI in his jeep around the village.  It's sad because the village is pretty empty, the houses aren't lived in and there are a lot of old people.  It just reminds me that once we are dead and there's nobody there to tell our story we all well and truly gone and almost in a sense irrelevant.  The war stories in my family are passed down because they are so important to us, but I forget the names and connections to my family and it makes me sad, but such is life.  After a few generations things start to become blurry.  My brother is 11 and obviously very curious and is already very conscious of his German nationality so the stories form the war and what my Grandad has to say are very important to him.  They're also very important to me because despite not feeling German at all, I get defensive whenever someone insults Germany or Germans and the war stories have shaped me as a person.

Have there been any family stories that have really affected you?

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