Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday session, photos from the week

The most make up I wore this week.  My laziness is growing from day to day.

I've always loved seeing street art when I walk around town.  Here in Germany graffiti is seen as art and on certain walls it's actually encouraged.  The town I live in was destroyed to 80% in an allied bomb attack at the end of Word War II so there are a lot of ugly post war buildings but the colorful graffiti adds a nice touch and I think it's a really great way of people expressing themselves  especially when this town looks so grey because of the horrible post war buildings.

I found some of my old boarding passes.  Sorry that this photo is blurry but I didn't want to have my surname repeated over and over on the internet just yet.  They don't look like a lot when they're laid out like that but there are 43 boarding passes here.  I've kept them in an envelope and only recently found them again.  I started becoming a frequent flyer when I started boarding school at 14.  
My average year of flying looked like this: 
3x half terms = 6 flights (there and back)
Christmas and Easter holidays = 4 flights (there and back)
Summer holidays = 2 flights (to Germany and then back to the UK)
That comes to 12 flights a year not including school trips.

I was in boarding school for 5 years, so times 12 flights a year by 5 years and you get 60 flights from my boarding school time alone.  It's pretty amazing and I don't think my carbon footprint is looking too good.  I always used to fly Emirates or Qatar Airways from Manchester airport and it got to the point where the check in staff started to recognise me, as did the people working at Starbucks.  Flying alone used to be a lot of fun because as a UM (Unaccompanied Minor) you get looked after and usually there are other UM's traveling as well but after the increased terror threat it's just stressful.  It's not so much the security checks that bother me, I'd rather be safe but it's the people who complain about their liquids being taken away and totally ignorant of the safety procedures that annoy me.  There's always one person who is all 'I didn't realise I had to take my belt/jewelry/coat/shoes off'. RAGING.

(Translation: The Cult book of England: Everything we love from Ascot to the Yorkshire Pudding)

I'm a little 'this is my adopted home country' homesick so when I spotted this in the library I grabbed it straightaway.  It's clearly written for a German audience so at times it's almost a bit of a joke and has things about Eton and the bowler hat in it, but it's still essentially cute especially the page dedicated to queueing.  It's become slightly predictable to talk about Britain and queueing together in one sentence but it is something British people do exceptionally well.  I'd never been in a shop which called out which cashier was free until I came to England.  Amazing.  I've also found British people are so polite when it comes to queueing too.  It's a big shock to come back to Oman and have to queue for a visa at the airport where queue jumping almost appears to be the national sport.  But my 'German reserve' has been replaced with 'British ballsiness' so I'm never silent when someone commits the queue jumping crime.

1st row: So Bright and Delicate: Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny Brawne, my journal, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, 64GB iPod touch
2nd row: a little toy stegosaurus called Wordsworth that my boyfriend bought me from the Natural History Museum in London, That Gal from Benefit, Liberty of London special edition MAC lipstick in Bright Pink, my blackberry, hard drive filled with all my TV and writing, Hypnôse mascara by Lancome, touche éclat by YSL and normal flavored carmex
3rd row: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemmingway, my MacBook and my lucky dollar that my aunt found in the sea in Oman when I was 6 or 7.

Because in my mind I'm already packing up my things and going to Montpellier (that's not happening until the 24th though, phew) I thought I'd show some of the things I cannot live my life without.  I'm a super sentimental person and on top of it a hoarder so it was hard to choose only a few things, but I think all those things really reflect me as a person.  I've got a lot more things that need to come to France with me but I have limited suitcase and car space so I'll have to leave some of my favorite books here which is almost torture for me.  I need a traveling library to keep me sane. 

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  1. LOVE that ring.

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