Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Grand Optimist

Flea market purchases: cardigan (€2), vintage watch (€2), Dr Martens (€3) and old wedding photo (€1)

I always wish I had the patience to root through all the charity shops that we have in Cardiff but I'm no good at that, but today I had the chance to go the the flea market in Mosson with two of the girls.  Had a really good time seeing what people were trying to sell.  You can literally find everything out there, from car batteries to old books and maps.  I had some luck today, this cardigan is actually huge on me to the point of ridiculous so I may have to wash it super hot and shove it in the dryer before I can wear it.  Not that it's even remotely cold enough to even think about wearing this.  I can't imagine it ever getting cold in the south of France but apparently it does happen.  

The photo is probably a strange buy, but at one of the old book stalls there were boxes upon boxes of old photographs and postcards as well as letters.  It made me so sad seeing all these personal photos just lying around in boxes as well as private letters.  I may go back next Sunday and pick some up, it feels as if they'd at least be safe with me rather than just being stored in boxes.   I was going to buy a whole pack of photos but the man was a little off and wanted €5 for 4 photos so I just took my favorite one.  I love how happy she looks and her dress is beautiful.  I wonder who she is and who she married, and if she was happy.

The winning purchase of today.  All for €3.  These aren't strictly Dr Martens, I think they're called 'Fresh Air', but you can't really tell the difference.  I've always loved Dr. Martens but I don't think they suit me very well, being 4ft11 and a little chubby and all, but I figured for €3 you can't really go wrong and if I hate them so much I can always just put them on eBay.  These will probably be really good for city trips this autumn, I'm always the one moaning how much my feet hurt after a day of walking but I don't think this will be the case with these.  Need to actually book some trips now...

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  1. Nice little haul you've got there! I love flea markets <3


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