Saturday, 15 October 2011

If I had a boat I would sail to you

So my beloved Cymru broke my little German heart this morning with a devastating loss against the French (9-8).  I was in the pub wearing red, cheering the team on and disliking the French (only for today though! I apologise, drink and men who get obnoxious about sport do not mix well with me).  Mistakes were made by the Welsh team but despite everything the team gave their all and played with the hearts.  Even though I'm so far removed from even just being British I feel so connected with Wales and adopted by that wonderful country.  Moving to Cardiff three years ago was without a doubt the best thing that ever happened to me.  Wales has become my home and I will always be grateful for finally being able to say that about a place and meaning it, after years and years of traveling I've finally found that one special place.  I was so proud cheering the team along with my adopted Welsh pride and I will always support Wales.  

Cymru am byth.
(Wales forever)

In non rugby related news, last night involved a trip to a fondue restaurant.  For a 17.90 set menu each person got: a cocktail (or a coke or orange juice), cheese or meat fondue, unlimited salad and chips, wine in a baby bottle (I kid you not) and dessert.  Essentially heaven on a menu.

Only in France: wine out of baby bottles.  I didn't really understand it either but if did make us all laugh.  I really recommend going for fondue with friends.  It's such a fun and social thing to do together.  Might invest in a fondue pot when I'm back and settled in Cardiff.  Me and my family have Swiss friends so when we visited them we always ate fondue.  My earliest memory is from when I was probably about 5 or 6, we were visiting friends and planned to have fondue in the garden on the stove they had set up there, but it started to rain and so our friend start cooking the fondue holding an umbrella over the stove to stop the rain ruining the food but then somehow the umbrella caught fire.  So fondue has always had funny memories attached to it for me, and last night was not different.  Wine, bread, cheese and friends.  Perfect.

Life in France still needs some adjusting to.  I've been very emotional this week crying at everything including when someone proposed to his girlfriend during a Hell's Kitchen dinner service, Nicki Minaj surprising those little girls on Ellen, not knowing what to wear and the Welsh national anthem this morning.  The homesickness has been quite intense to say the least.  I think because I'm struggling with the language I still I don't feel as secure and confident as I normally would.  But on the upside the weather is turning a little cooler so i can start wearing my lovely autumn winter clothes, and every day is a day closer to the 7th of November.  That being the day when I get to pick my boyfriend up from the airport and see him for the first time since the end of June.  There are positives to everything and I'm here with great people who are fun and really make me smile, going to keep my head up and carry on.

I've probably not helped my mood by listening to James Vincent McMarrow non stop for the past week.  He's the Irish version of Bon Iver and equally as beautiful.  Today's blog title comes from his song If I Had A Boat which you can get for free when you sign up for his mailing list.  The whole album is perfect for autumn and winter, it's so atmospheric and with beautiful lyrics.  Worth downloading the free song to see if it's the kind of music you'd like.  My favorite song of the moment from his album is Sparrow & Wolf so I'll leave you with the video to it:

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend


  1. I love fondue - 18 Euros for all that is good value - I seem to remember paying something similar for JUST the fondue in Paris last year. adore James Vincent McMorrow, he supported City and Colour when we saw them/him a few months ago and I've been hooked ever since.

  2. Can't believe your blog hasn't got many followers - its great! It's really interesting about your year in France. I'm thinking of doing the same. xxx


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