Sunday, 27 November 2011

I'll Take Care of You

Had a fantastic little weekend this time around.  There was another wine festival in town so on Saturday me and my friend took full advantage of that.  For €2 you were given a wineglass and 3 tokens that you swapped for a taster of wine.  A lot of the time though the people in the little wooden huts giving out the wine didn't ask for our tokens so we definitely had more than 3 tasters each.  It was a really nice little event to go to, it felt very christmasy with all the little huts being open, smelling the wine and all the great food that was there.  There was also a great live band that walked around playing music so it all felt like one big party.  Compared to the last wine festival I went to, the food was a lot cheaper so we got a little carried away but it was all so delicious.  The best thing about that day was that the weather was glorious and it wasn't cold at all.  Let's hope it stays like that.  I'm not prepared for snow.

I have exams looming, I just have to laugh at the sheer idea of them.  I couldn't tell you what I've been learning in lectures here.  It's a little bit of a joke really.  I need to try and do some form of revision but sadly my lecture notes don't really make much sense.  I spent the first month of university here not understanding the French, and since then I've been spending my next two months understanding the French but not finding the relevance in the lectures or finding them very constructive.  We shall see how it goes, if I fail these exams I retake them in February and if I fail everything I just have to write an essay for Cardiff.  This whole year only counts for 5% anyway so I'm pretty relaxed about it all.

I hope you all had a good weekend and that you have a smooth start into the new week.
Much love



  1. lovely pictures, really like your outfit xx


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