Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ivy & Gold

Faux fur stole: H&M

Shirt: Zara

Can't believe how quickly time is just flying by, it's been 2 weeks since the other half left and it's less than a month until I go home.  

I may be heading home a few days earlier than originally planned as well because my exams all seem to be taking place before exam week for some strange reason.  I will never be able to understand the French university system.  On top of this the other reason for my potential earlier departure is that the train schedule has made it awkward for me to get to Nice the day my flight leaves.  I dislike weekend train schedules, it makes everything that bit more complicated.  The way it's looking at the moment means it'll take me longer to get to Nice Airport than it will to fly to Dubai.  Story of my life.

Montpellier has finally started to feel Christmasy.  I think it's because I'm so used to everything in the UK being about Christmas the minute Halloween is over and the calendar shows November 1st.  France seems a little more conservative, but it's almost nice not having the commercial side of Christmas rammed down your throat.  Here we've had Christmas lights put up but they've not been switched on.  I assume they're being turned on this weekend seeing as it'll be the first advent.  I was in town this afternoon and saw the beginnings of what looks like a German market and they've put up a HUGE christmas tree as well.  Let the festive season begin!  I'm a big fan of the festive spirit.  Growing up in the Middle East where we have a 'hot season' and a 'less hot season' means that I've always had an unusual Christmas.  I've only ever experienced 3 European Christmases (that I can recall) where I was cold.  Most years me and my family go to the beach on Christmas Day and eat dinner outside on the patio.  With Christmas not being such a big deal out there it's always been pretty relaxed and low key, but one of my fondest memories as a little girl was seeing Santa come to the Christmas Fair on a camel.  But when I came to the UK when I was 14 and really saw the 'European' side of Christmas I fell in love with Christmas lights in town, markets in town squares, gingerbread flavored coffees, the novelty of being cold, layering up and going for long walks to see all the lights.

My amusing Montpellier story of today has had me giggling to myself for the larger part of this afternoon.  I went to a cafe in town to use their wifi so I could update my mac. The internet in halls is beyond disastrous. I ordered a coffee and the waiter told me I was ‘très jolie’ (very pretty) and then he said something else which included the verb ‘inviter’ somewhere in there.  So not sure if he was offering to pay for my coffee or if he was trying to solicit me in some way or form.  Didn’t see the guy for over an hour until he took my order for tea and told me it was actually the end of his shift and asked me if he could spend some time with me.   I had to laugh and politely turn him down.  I'm not sure if it was slightly charming or largely creepy.  Either way it was a little boost to my ego, and being called Mademoiselle and being called 'vous' is always pleasant in France.

I've become obsessed with Lana Del Rey, this song has been on repeat for the past 3 days.  If you've not listened to her I strongly recommend it.  Her voice is spectacular.

I hope you're all having a good week so far and that you're feeling festive


  1. I heard that song on the radio a few weeks ago, it really is amazing. Reminds me of florence and the machine :)

    super lovely blog :)


  2. You are so pretty and has such a nice skin! xoxoxo

  3. So beautiful. I love your eyes! x hivenn p.s enter my $200 shopbop giveaway?


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