Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Summer - I Heart Sharks

I Heart Sharks are a German-British indie electronic trio hailing from Berlin, Germany with the members originating from London, New York and Bavaria.  Their debut album 'Summer' was released on October 28 2011 following their stints as support acts for bands such as Friendly Fires, Cobra Starship and Does It Offend You, Yeah? and the release of their first single 'Wolves' in 2010.  'Wolves' also received the remix treatment by Ryland Blackinton of Cobra Starship fame.

I Heart Sharks sound like Berlin: electric, upbeat, energetic and a bit grimy.  Despite the record being released outside of summer it gives the perfect soundtrack to old summer memories, highlighted by the lyrics "let's just pretend it's summer" from the title track, and it fights away the autumnal blues.  The album provides a great change for those who want to take a big step back from the tidal wave of dubstep flooding the clubs and turn towards something that definitely sounds 'very European'.  The band insist on playing everything live, allowing the music to be played in free time rather than relying on computers and playback compared to other bands in their genre.  The songs are the perfect mix of synth, drums and guitar and judging by the string of sold out live dates across Germany the formula is working for I Heart Sharks.  

The second single from the album 'Neuzeit', is also their first foray into singing in German, if albeit only in the chorus but remains catchy and exciting even if the lyrics are lacking a little in depth or subtly.  But the up beat tempo of the song has you singing along regardless.  The video for 'Neuzeit' (NSFW) can be found here

The band's youtube channel is also worth checking out as the band frequently post their own remixes of songs they enjoy.  The lead singer Pierre says that remixes are all about 'taking a song that isn't perfect for you and making it perfect for yourself'.  

Music video to their first single Wolves

I Heart Sharks are an exciting new addition to the German music scene, especially as German music is usually associated with Nena, Rammstein or Oktober Fest music.  Their debut album will surely place them firmly in the 'bands to watch' section of music magazines.  

Stand out tracks: Kino, Lies, Neuzeit, Rien Ne Va Plus, The World Is Yours

For fans of: Foals and Friendly Fires

I Heart Sharks are currently on tour, find dates and tickets here.

Find I Heart Sharks on their official website, twitter, Facebook, and last.fm

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