Friday, 30 December 2011

Hell of a Season

Today the family and me went for a little day trip with some friends.  We visited one the the oldest forts in Oman called Jabreen Castle which dates back to 1670 and was built by Imam Sultan bin Saif Al Ya'arubi.  It's one of the most impressive forts in Oman, we've been to visit it before when we did a 'fort tour' when I was still in primary school but it's been renovated since and looks fantastic.  

After our tour we went off roading and explored the wadi that often gets described as the 'Grand Canyon of Oman'.  My Dad is a geologist by profession and passion (as cheesy as that sounds) so he absolutely loved it.  He even brought his geological maps out when we made a pit stop for coffee and explained why the mountains have all different types of layers and when they were formed.  The Oman mountains have been evolving since 90 million years ago which is completely mind boggling.  It felt like a school science trip, in a good way of course.  I'd love to be more involved with the subject of geology but sadly sciences go completely over my head.  The wadi was also beautifully green after all the rain Oman had last month.

I just wanted to thank everyone who's recently followed me, I really appreciate it.  I also appreciate all the comments on the top 10 album post, thanks for sharing your favorite albums of the year I'll be looking into them!



  1. This sounds like such a lovely family trip :)

    Fashion Stereotype

  2. I need a new word for amazing. These are so beautifully fantastically brilliant. x hivennn


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