Sunday, 11 December 2011

I was born bad, then I met you

(Dress: H&M.  Lipstick: Infrared by TopShop)

(Flea market purchases.  Cardigan: €3, jumper: €1, hat €1)

So it's my last weekend in Montpellier until 2012.  

I'm really looking forward to going home, I just booked my train tickets so it's all really happening, my journey starts at 5am but it'll be worth it.  If anyone is at Nice train station on Thursday morning and sees a small brown haired girl with a huge blue suitcase struggling to get it off the train, that'll most likely be me.  It sounds strange but I barely travel to the airport by train.  In Cardiff it's a 15 minute cab journey to the airport and when I was in boarding school I used to get taxis to Manchester airport or take a school coach.  Trains, big suitcases and me don't mix very well.  But I'm taking the TER and then the TGV from Marseilles to Nice so that should be fun/fancy (I hope) and unlike last years snow disaster I should be fine with the weather.  Everyone in the UK has a snow saga from last year.  It was absolute madness.  Last Christmas it took me two attempts to get home in time for Christmas and somehow I made it home 4 days before the big day.  The first day my flight from Cardiff to Amsterdam got cancelled so I got to spend one more night at home.  Then the second day KLM had booked me onto an Emirates flight from Birmingham to Dubai.  Driving up the motorway in what was practically a snow storm was slightly amusing at the time.  But that day my flight got cancelled so I had to stay in a horrible hotel overnight.  The next day my flight got delayed and delayed but eventually I made it home.  Never been so relieved in all my life.  Those days were probably the 3 most stressful days I've had, travel wise.  But now it's a funny story to tell at dinner time.  I need to start writing all my travel incidents down, there have been some spectacular ones over the years like not being let on the plane because I had the 'wrong' ticket (still believe the ground staff lied), and then not being let through immigration in Manchester.  

This weekend has largely existed of spending time with the people that aren't coming back to Montpellier after December and ignoring the revision I have to do for my exam on Monday and for my translation resit on Tuesday.  I should be more worried than I am, but if worse comes to worst then I'll just do the re-takes again in February.  At the moment I'm just very focused on going home for a few weeks.  You never realise how much you miss your family or home until you're away for a long time.  Today was also my last visit to the flea market with one of my Cardiff girls who will be sorely missed.  I'll probably end up wearing the cardigan and hat on Thursday's travel day to prepare for what according to my mum is going to be the 'coldest winter in years' in Oman.  So by that she means it'll be like the UK in the spring.  Living in the Middle East means loosing your grasp on what is classed as 'cold' weather and what is 'mild'.  My parents struggle with the UK weather every time they come visit me, a trip to Cardiff is like visiting the North Pole for my mother.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend and that the holidays are getting closer for you

some music made for lazy Sundays:

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