Friday, 16 December 2011

Just one more plane ride and it's done

Mc Cafe in Marseille at 07:55:
view of part of Cannes from the train: 
Nice airport:
Dubai airport: 
(excuse the mix of camera photos and iPod photos)

So after a marathon 24 hour day of travel I made it back home to Oman at 5am this morning.  I left Montpellier super early to catch the 5:39 train to Marseille (December the 15th - I have no sense of time at all at the moment) and then had a connecting train to Nice before flying to Dubai from Nice airport, and then a connection to Oman at 2:55.  Safe to say I have spent most of today fighting jet lag by drinking one cup of tea after another.  The journey was all pretty stress free and two lovely French men helped me with my suitcase on two separate occasions without me even needing to ask.  The plane journey to Dubai was perfectly average, stormed though my meal and had one of those little bottle of wines and got about 15 minutes into Crazy Stupid Love before I was dead to the world and woke up just before we landed in Dubai.

Dubai airport never ceases to amaze me.  I was there this time last year because snow saga meant I had my flight rebooked from KLM to Emirates, didn't pay too much attention then to what was going on around me because I was so stressed and on the edge.  But this time I was far more relaxed and got a good chance to look around.  Terminal 3 is just one long straight building and packed full with all sorts of things like a waterfall display, palm trees (I kid you not) insane amounts of duty free shops and this seemingly random pool/lake/mini wood area.  I don't even know what to describe it as.  Apparently T3  has a capacity of 43 million people, so that gives you a fair impression of the size of the terminal.  The motto in Dubai is essentially: the bigger the better.  I have a difficult love hate relationship with Dubai, it's amazing what kind of a city it has become over the years and what kinds of crazy things get built over there (indoor ski resort, tallest building in the world, biggest aquarium in a shopping mall etc etc) but there's something about Dubai that makes me uneasy and I can't put my finger on it, but it's still such a fascinating part of the world nonetheless.  

Either way I'm at home now and enjoying home comforts like my double bed, a fully stocked fridge, being able to see the sea from my room, homemade Christmas cookies and spending time with my family.  Mum and me have made it our aim to do all the touristy things in the capital which we normally only do when we have people over to visit, should be really fun.

I hope all your people in the UK enjoy the snow and for everyone else I hope you have a good start into the holidays


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