Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Winter Hymnal

The Al Bustan Palace Hotel:
Home decor:
The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque at night:

I hope that everyone has had a lovely couple of Christmas days and that you've all recovered from your respective food comas.  Our Christmas this year was blissfully relaxed.  We went to brunch at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel on the 24th and then in the evening gave each other our presents.  Half of my are still due to arrive with Amazon, the post always arrives late in Oman.  I get less excited about the present aspect of Christmas as I get older, I have everything I need and I tend to buy my own clothes so for me Christmas is more about surprising my parents and seeing how excited my little brother gets when he opens his presents.  For a 12 year old he's very good at picking up gifts and got me a little body wash and lotion set from the Body Shop and some solid perfume.  I have a lovely stack of new books that I want to work through before I go back to France in January and at the moment I'm reading Salmon Fishing In The Yemen by Paul Torday which I chose purely for the title but as it turns out there's a film of this book coming out in March 2012 starring Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt, just another excuse to see Mr. McGregor's beautiful face.

Today was a beach day and my brother and I went for a bit of a cliffside walk.  The water is actually too cold to swim in at the moment, only the tourists are brave enough to go in, most of them are British but they are such hard arses when it comes to weather so I guess that explains it.  Being by the sea is the best feeling in the world, I miss it so badly when I'm not near it.  I'm so spoilt to have grown up with the beach so close to me, Oman couldn't have been a better place to be a young kid.

I've been obsessed with this guy's Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes medley on Soundcloud since it popped up on my tumblr dashboard.  Bon Iver + Fleet Foxes = my heaven on earth.  I think Fleet Foxes are supporting Bon Iver on a tour in 2012 but sadly it's totally out of my reach.  I found out that Coldplay are playing in Abu Dhabi on Thursday, so upset I didn't know about it until now it would have been a perfect way to round off the end of the year but clearly it was not meant to be.

I hope you all have a wonderful last week of December and that Christmas treated you well


  1. Gorgeous pictures!
    Laur x


  2. amazing pics!

  3. wow that looks amazing! where is it? yeah english are pretty fearless when it comes to the weather! its snowing and they're all wearing tshirts and im freezing in my big coat!
    nice blog, hope you come and visit mine!


  4. You have some gorgeous pictures! Love this blog, I found you through GemBear. You definitely have a new follower! xxx



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