Sunday, 8 January 2012

I've got my things, I'm good to go

Hand luggage: boring black supermarket bought backpack, mouse socks, vintage bobble hat, personal journal, A Movable Feast by Ernest Hemingway, lucky dinosaur, MacBook, iPod, Ray Bans, Blackberry, German passport, mini make up bag, eye mask, house keys, chewing gum, Boots hand cream and purse.

I am once again on the move.  Back to France it is.  I've just confirmed my online check in and weighed up the pros and cons of the window or aisle seat (went for the window seat option in the end).  In true style I've packed my hand luggage first and am leaving it up to my Dad to somehow neatly transfer all my clothes to my big suitcase.  Ever since I started boarding school my Dad would always help me pack my main suitcase when I left home, and now even though I'm 20 he still helps me and drives me to the airport.  It's become our little thing now, my mum can't come to the airport it usually upsets her too much.

I really enjoy being in airports when I travel, having tea and people watching is my favorite thing to do to pass the time.  I have 2 hours to kill in Dubai so I'm sure there will be plenty to see.  But traveling in general has become very stressful over the years; I appreciate that all the safety procedures, rules and checks are there for our protection and I don't mind them but it's usually other people that make traveling horrible.  There is always one person who makes a fuss because they have to throw away a bottle of something that is bigger than the allowed 100ml 'Oh my god I didn't realise I couldn't take this on board! That's not fair', or someone who gets really obnoxious about having to take their shoes off.  Security checks are always really awkward, I get so flustered and hot that I dread beeping when I walk through the scanner and then have to be 'patted down' by airport security and stick my arms out so all the world can see my sweat patches.  There really is nothing glamourous about flying anymore.  But it still means that I get to see so much of the world so I can't be too cynical about it, traveling on my own has given me such a sense of freedom and independence.  After this year in France I'll probably feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.

The next time you'll hear from me I'll back in Montpellier and hopefully sharing new pictures and adventures with you.  Thank you for being part of my journey so far, I appreciate all the comments you leave and those who follow me.  It does mean a lot to me.

I'm going to leave you with a song that is pretty much the perfect song for traveling and from (in my opinion) a flawless record:

Bruised by Jack's Mannequin

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend 

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