Sunday, 15 January 2012

Oh Barbara Ann take my hand

 (bag: €8, jumper €2)

If Mondays didn't follow on after Sunday, Sunday would probably be my favorite day of the week.  I enjoy how relaxed they feel and how there is no rush to do anything, especially here in France where 'rushing' doesn't exist anyway.  Sundays in France are even far more laid back than in the UK which is hard to imagine.  All the shops are shut (except the little corner shop from my residences) which is actually quite nice, I dislike how we feel that we are entitled to services 24 hours a week.  It's good to have a break from these things.  But what also helps here in Montpellier is that the weather is glorious, it's sunny and there isn't a cloud in the sky.  This doesn't mean it's warm, far from it, but it really makes January very bearable and it's keeping my usual January blues out of the way.

This morning I went to the flea market with a friend and decided to take my camera with me this time to document some of the goings-on.  The market really isn't to everyones taste, I took one of my girl friends with me and she wasn't a fan, it's in a slightly 'rough' part of town and once when we arrived there was an announcement over the PA that there was a group of pickpockets on the loose, not so great for her first visit.  What's being sold is predominantly a lot of trash and tack with some hidden treasures.  My mate found a stall selling (amongst other things) old porn magazines from what looks like the 70's.  Another one of my favorite stalls is a guy who is there every week with a huge trailer of old books and boxes of photos and letters.  I love looking through them and seeing all the old photos, but it is a little sad seeing someone else's personal photos just thrown in a box.  There are also lots of family photo albums which are fascinating to look through but like with the other photos it's sad that they are being sold to other people now.

The flea market really is a whole day out, it's so easy to spend ages there and you can even eat there.  There are food stalls like a chinese one and it even serves halal meat, or another stall serves kebabs and burgers.  I enjoy going to the market a lot, I'm the kind of person who loves clutter and even though I should stop buying knitwear I can't seem to help myself when I can get a jumper for two euros which would cost about £30 in TopShop back home.  I was never really into flea markets or thrift shopping before but now that I can see it as a cheaper and more environment friendly alternative I don't like paying full price for clothing. I'll have to find some good charity shops back in Cardiff.

Do you guys like thrift shopping? Any tips you can pass on to me?

The plan for the rest of the day is to start watching Downton Abbey, I've never watched it before and now seems a good time to catch up with it.  My friends love it and I've heard good things about it.  Tonight some friends and I might hit up Entrecôte for dinner and catch a film later.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

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  1. Such beautiful photos of the flea market, and that jumper is so lovely, such a bargain too!
    I love thrift shopping, you can find such unique things at such a cheap price.
    I spend most of my life in charity shops.

  2. I love the flea market pictures--sure looks like a treasure trove! I love thrifting (one of my newest favorite hobbies) and I have a few favorite shops that I visit often. Sometimes I visit markets like this but I don't collect many knick-knacks (no room to store them) so I try to stay away. Love that jumper and bag--great bargains! Lovely that the sun is shining too. Lucky you!

  3. Definitely! Sunday would totally be my fave day if monday wasn't to follow straight after! Wonderful pics and I'm totes jealous of your ah-mazing bargains, the jumper is adorable! x

  4. this is a brilliant post :) love the bag!
    laur x


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