Monday, 13 February 2012

I wanna be the King of Spain - Barcelona day one

(the sign says 'Short and Good' in German)

I have come back from an amazing weekend in one of my new favorite European cities.  Barcelona stole my heart well and truly.  

Even the long train journey there was exciting.  I left Montpellier at 7:30am and arrived in Barcelona at lunch time.  I had a direct train which meant that I really got to settle down and enjoy the beautiful Spanish countryside.  It felt like I was looking at what inspired Hemingway, the vast countryside was all the possible shades of coffee and red earth tones you could imagine.  I think I was already in love before my train even pulled into Barcelona Sants.  My friend lives in a massive apartment that looks like it could have been in L'Auberge Espagnole and her roommates hail from Argentina, Italy, France and the UK.  It's a shame my Spanish is so limited because they all seemed very welcoming, but with my French I managed to understand 70% of their conversations.

The first day was a crash course in Barcelona, my friend took me for a walk around the city centre and we looked at some of the fantastic shopping the city has to offer.  It's so much cheaper in Barcelona than Montpellier.  Later on in the afternoon we went for a walk to the port and right down to the beach.  It was a beautiful first day.  The pictures speak for themselves.  Barcelona as a city is so exciting and feels very metropolitan with it's 11 line metro system.  What I also love about Barcelona is the huge variety of landscapes, you can be right by the beach but if you look back you can see hills and mountains.  The architecture of the city is also breath taking.  I can see myself going back whenever the opportunity arises.  

This song was the soundtrack to my 5 hour train journey:

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I'll be posting photos from the rest of my weekend over the course of this week


  1. woow sieht richtig toll aus.Hab jetzt lust auf Erdbeeren!


  2. I need to visit that happy pills shop, looks amaze!


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