Thursday, 23 February 2012

I wanna be the King of Spain - Barcelona day three

(shoes made out of chocolate)
(translation: the smallest hamster in the world)

So this is the final installment of photos from my Barcelona visit last 2 weekends ago.  Can't believe it was already more than a week ago, it feels like so much longer.

So on my last day my friend and I set out to grab some churros in town.  We ended up eating them in a tapas bar off La Rambla (famous for it's street performers) where my friend lives.  It was a very touristic restaurant and we ended up paying more for the churros than we should have done but it was a great restaurant and you could see all the tapas laid out, plus it was great for people watching.  Whilst we were sat there we hard a whole mix of languages, from Dutch to Swiss German, English and French.  That's what I love about big cities: they are such melting pots and full of interesting people.

After our churros we went for a walk and initial set off to Montjuïc (a hill in Barcelona) because I wanted to see The Palau Nacional which houses the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya.  But we read the map wrong and ended up walking in the complete opposite direction of where we were heading.  So we ended up seeing more of Barcelona than we bargained for.  But it was a beautiful day and I just couldn't get enough of the beautiful buildings.  In the end we took a metro to  Montjuïc, which was the perfect last tourist visit for me. The views of Barcelona were spectacular. What I loved about the Barcelona's location is the huge variety.  It is right by the sea but then you get the spectacular views of the hills.  Perfect location really.

On the way back we got caught up in a huge parade on La Rambla which was part of the Castell celebrations that day.  Castells are human pyramids which are built during festivals predominately in Catalonia.  The parade had lots of groups of drummers and each drum had their own animal mascot.  We saw one group that had a squirrel and another which was lead by a huge paper-mache lizard.

And that was the end of my trip.  I had a long train journey back the next day which took me through the beautiful countryside of Spain again.  I'm already planning a return visit in the summer when the temperatures are warmer so we can go to the beach and enjoy Barcelona in baking heat.  The city has really left a strong impression with me, I won't be forgetting that visit in a hurry.


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