Sunday, 19 February 2012

Oman in film

Life in Oman moved a little slower than any of the other places my family have lived in, so when we first moved to Oman in 1995 all the photos my parents took were with a film camera and we didn't purchase a digital camera until about 2003.  When I was home at Christmas I discovered my Dad had started to scan all our film photos onto the computer so we could view them on iPhoto.  Previously they had just been sitting around in boxes on top of our bookcase gathering dust.  It was great to see all these photos that I had forgotten about.  

They really sum up my childhood and how I remember it: rich brown tones and clear bright blue skies.  We went on a lot of trips to discover the different sides of Oman, from the long empty beaches and desert, to the Arabian Oryx Sanctuary and the many forts around the interior.  When I was little going on family trips always felt like big adventures, we had a four wheel drive and only a few main roads were tarmac, most of the time we had to drive off road so it felt like we were always off exploring new places.

I'm due to go back home in 2 months and cannot wait to be back.  I'm aching to go to the beach and see palm trees again.


  1. Gosh, these photos are stunning. I agree there is no place quite like the beach.

  2. Really amazing. My mum grew up in Oman and I always show her your photos. x hivenn


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