Sunday, 18 March 2012

Carcassonne - un rêve qui se visite

Carcassonne is a fortified French town in the Aude department, of which it is the prefecture, in the former province of Languedoc.  It's divided into the fortified Cité de Carcassonne and the more expansive lower city, the ville base.  My boyfriend and I want for a visit about a week ago.  We went and walked around the cité which was beyond impressive, it's even on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.  The cité has double ring of ramparts which are 3 kilometers long and 52 towers.  Parts of the 1991 film Robin Hood and The Prince of Thieves was filmed here.  We had a great afternoon just walking around and taking in the beautiful buildings.  I expected the cité to be empty inside but there were loads of little shops and restaurants, every corner you turned there was something to discover.  

Well worth a visit if you're ever in the Languedoc area.


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