Sunday, 11 March 2012

Gifts from home

(More magazine, Double Decker chocolate bar, Heat magazine, Downton Abbey season 1 & 2, Welsh Brew)

To my incredible dispair I had my last Yorkshire tea bag last week and only have one box of Taylors of Harrogate tea left to last me until June.  So thankfully the other half saved me and brought me a box of 80 Welsh Brew (Paned Gymreig) tea bags as well as some other little things I miss about home such as gossip magazines and the ultimate chocolate bar.  I also now have Downton Abbey to keep me company.  My mission when I get back to the UK is to see more of it, especially the beautiful manor houses around the countryside so Downton Abbey really sets the mood for that.

Is there anything you guys really miss from home when you're away?
I also hope you've had a lovely weekend.



  1. aw. cute pot and picture :)
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    THANK YOU :))


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