Monday, 5 March 2012

How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep?

(Blouse: Zara, shorts: H&M, tights: Zara)
(Bag: flea market)
(Rings left to right: my mum's, I Am, Omani Heritage Gallery)

Some quick snapshots from the outfit I wore to pick my other half up from the airport.  It all went smoothly except for me getting on the wrong bus to the airport, spending half an hour trying to find the bus stop the 'aeroport navette' left from and then ultimately leaving my boyfriend's coat in cab back from the airport.  Resulting in an emergency shaky French phone call to the airport and another cab back to the airport to pick the coat up after the driver thankfully handed it in to lost and found.  Cauchemar.   

But now he's here for the week so we have lots of things to do and look forward to.  Queued some posts for this week and will return with lots more photos next week.  We're planning a trip to Perpignan and maybe Sete as well.

Hope you guys have a lovely week!


  1. Nice outfit! =)

    Have a nice week too!

  2. that top is sooo cute! absolutely love it. and the little blue bag is really cool!


  3. I love your rings, especially the colour of the stone. The images have such a lovely effect by the way :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  4. I love this outfit, especially the bag I can't believe that was from a looks more expensive than that!dimplesdiaries

  5. Oh gosh! I'm loving that bag! :) Such a great find!

  6. i love your top! and them rings are beautiful

    please check out my fashion blog- xx


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