Saturday, 3 March 2012

I will become what I deserve

(Shirt: flea market, jeans: Zara)
(assorted rings: various places, elephant necklace: Barcelona)
(wearing M.A.C Morange lipstick)

I jinxed the weather after my glowing 'start of spring' post.  Typical.  I woke up this morning and the sun was nowhere to be seen and hasn't come out at all today.  Made the most of a quiet Saturday morning and went to the market near the aqueduct in town with a friend.  It was a lovely way to pass a morning, photos will follow shortly.

Decided to share some outfit snapshots with you.  It's impossible to take proper full length photos of my outfits in my tiny studio. the lightning is pretty appalling and there's just no room.  I shall have the other half take some photos for me when he comes next week.  I've been wearing this shirt from the flea market almost nonstop since I got it last weekend (after a thorough 40 degrees spin cycle).  I have an obsession with stripes and oversized long sleeved shirts so this was a double winner.  The green jeans are from Zara and I've had them for a long time but I was never brave enough to wear them out the house.  Since coming to France I've lost quite a lot of weight (completely unintentionally) so feel a lot more comfortable wearing these out and about now.  They'll probably make another appearance for the Ireland vs France rugby match tomorrow.  Go Ireland!

The Babar the Elephant book was another find from the flea market that I never got round to posting.  I loved Babar as a child and my Godmother always gave me mini book versions of Babar's adventures.  I was so happy to find this hardback in French and with that beautiful handwriting font as well.  My mum used to read the stories to me all the time.  It really brings back a lot of old memories.  

Also please tell me that I'm not the only one who is totally in love with Ben Howard?

Hope you have all had a lovely start into your weekend


  1. Gorgeous outfit you look stunning! I love your necklace, I used to love barbar as a child!

  2. I love that necklace, it's so sweet!

  3. I am so in love with that outfit!
    I need colored pants
    and you look gorgeous!!
    but first, coffee

  4. Adoring those trousers!
    I've never been to a flea market, we don't seem to have them around where I live. :(

  5. I LOVE your elephant necklace! Elephants are my favorite and I feel as though I have about 30 pieces of jewelry featuring the little guys :) love your Zara jeans, as well!


  6. Hey! Love your blog, I spent a while in Montpellier a few years ago and loved it! Great outfit too xx

  7. Greaaat outfit !I love love the accessories and your hair! Awhh! Youre my current style crush!

    ♥ candace from mintblush
    latest post: sun-kissed

  8. You have such a lovely blog! I'm following <3

    Ellen xx

  9. following,, this is really nice.

  10. Oh nice pictures! ;)

    Lg. Dawn ;)

  11. I love your hair! It looks so healty! :)

    xx H

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