Monday, 26 March 2012

Moonstone Child

When my mother turned 18 she wanted nothing more than a silver moonstone necklace that she had seen in one of her favorite shops in town.  My grandma had promised to get it for her but gran worked in a jewelry shop at the time.  So when she saw the necklace my mum wanted my gran didn't like it at all, they got into an argument about it, she thought it was trash and that it wasn't good quality.  But after lots of pleading my grandmother caved in and my mum got the necklace that she wanted so badly for her birthday.  Over time mum saved up her own money and eventually began adding more to the set, buying a ring, a brooch and the earrings to match.

Mum gave this set to me for my 21st birthday yesterday.  It feels like a very special gift, especially because of the story behind it.  My mum and grandmother have always had a tense relationship (and probably nothing is going to change about that); which is exactly the opposite of my mum and me (even if we have our arguments).  This is probably one of my most favorite and special gifts that I've ever been given, if I have a daughter then I will pass this set on to her as well.

Thank you all very much for your lovely birthday wishes, they're much appreciated and I had a wonderful day.


  1. Beautiful jewelry.
    It's always special when something with such a precious meaning to you is passed down to you.

    When my nan passed away I got her wedding rings, and I rarely ever take them off.


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