Wednesday, 7 March 2012

One Too Many Mornings

(This is a scheduled post)

Saturday morning I resisted the temptation to sleep in, and instead a friend took me to the food market near the aqueduct in town.  I'd not been to this market before so it was something new for me.  It was food heaven.  There were stalls selling all types of food: cakes, free range eggs, paella, flowers, seafood, cheese, roasted chickens, baked goods, spices and herbs, fresh pasta and beautiful fruits and vegetables.  The market was full of locals so that vouched for the quality of all the goods.  I find that fresh food tends to be quite expensive here, but at the market all the food was organic and very reasonably priced.  Everything looked so beautiful and smelt amazing.  My mouth was watering the whole time. Very much worth getting up for on a Saturday.  When I leave France I think I will miss days like this, apparently there is a farmers market in Cardiff on Sunday mornings so that will have to be my substitute.   

My boyfriend is currently with me in France for a week which is pretty exciting.  We're also celebrating our two year anniversary today. 


  1. Amazing pictures! We have farmer's markets where I live but nothing like this! That's a great one and I'd get up for that every Sat too! Happy 2 year anniv!

  2. I wish we had places like that around here. If I lived a tiny bit closer to London I'd definitely visit the markets all the time, they have such a nice atmosphere.


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