Monday, 9 April 2012

Crooked Little Sun

(I used a curve set from the wonderful Julia Trotti to edit these photos)
I spent my Bank Holiday Monday lying on the beach roasting in the sun reading a tacky but still good historical fiction book.  Just perfect.  

The weather is amazing in Oman at the moment.  The sand is getting to the point where it's too hot to walk across barefoot.  When I was a child I once got blisters from walking across the sand without my flip flops on so I try to be extra careful now.  I also didn't dare lie full out in the sun in case I burnt so the tan is a steady work in progress.  The water would have been perfect to dip into to cool off but sadly there were lots of jellyfish in the water and I get really bad reactions to them when they sting.  Not worth it, and plus there's something about jellyfish that creep me out.

The book I'm reading is by Philippa Gregory, she also wrote The Other Boleyn Girl and I quite enjoy her books.  The Tudors were always my favorite period in history and I'm fascinated by Henry the VIII's wives.  Her books tend to be very samey and at times lend themselves to being a bit 'too much' and she takes a lot of liberties with some of the facts.  But her books are the perfect paperbacks for the beach.  What are some of your favorite books to read on holiday?

I hope you all had a great easter weekend 



  1. Very jealous, I need a holiday!

  2. Absolutely love the pictures! Just curious, what camera / photo-editing software do you use? x

    1. Thank you very much! I use a simple Canon Point & Shoot (IXUS 80 IS) and then edit my photos in CS3 using curves and just playing around. These ones I edited with a curve from Julia Trotti's blog. I've linked her blog under the photos if you'd like to check it out x

  3. Cannot even begin to say how jealous I am right now, stuck in my cold shop in Wales where its Wet & windy & just gross outside haha. Hope you're having a fab time!


  4. I'm more than a litte bit jealous! My bank holiday was spent having a pub lunch, hiding from the rain...

  5. It looks like a dream! what an idyllic place to be... :)

  6. Pretty photos. I use to live near beaches and this makes me miss it so much more.

  7. You've been to so many beautiful places, love your pics! (jellyfish scare me too!) x

  8. Such a beautfiul beach, I'm so incredibly envious <3


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