Sunday, 1 April 2012

Le retour en France

(Just a quick photo booth photo, no time for HQ photos today I'm afraid)

So it's time to go back to France again with my million and one train tickets.  I chose the worst time to travel because today is the first weekend of the easter holidays, so God and the world is going to be traveling today.  I'm taking the train down to Lyon and then Montpellier originally I was going to go via Paris but I'd have only had one hour to switch train stations and that's too risky for me.  The upside of going via Lyon is that for some strange (and wonderful) reason first class tickets were cheaper than 2nd class, so I shall be traveling in style and comfort down to Lyon before it's back to being normal and catching a 2nd class TGV back to Montpellier.

I'm only in France until Friday morning and then it's time to pack up again for my flight to Oman for my easter holidays.  Too much jet setting, it's knackering.  I don't know how business people do it.

See you back in France,
gros bisous



  1. Lucky you, I want to go to France! It will definitely be busy on the journey there though, good luck xx

  2. you're so lucky, I wish I was going to France, or lived in Europe at all haha.


  3. Your blog is so nice!


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