Thursday, 5 April 2012

Love Me Do

 (Shorts & shirt: H&M, black blazer: Gerry Webber, denim jacket: Promode, tights: Zara)
 (Hat: Majestic)

Just a quick snapshot of what I wore today whilst running errands.  I fly back home to Oman for the easter holidays tomorrow, so had to do some last minute shopping as well as print out my boarding passes.  I don't fly until the afternoon which makes a nice change from usual waking up at the crack of dawn and traveling for hours to get to the airport.  Flying from the south of France to the Middle East is ridiculous hard.  I didn't want to have to travel to Nice again so I'm flying up to Paris and then catching an evening flight to Oman from there.  I've never been to Charles de Gaulle before, is there anything good to do there? I'll be there for about 4 hours so need something to do whilst I wait.

As you can see from the photos the weather in Montpellier is ridiculously temperamental. One minute blue skies and then next minute there's no sunlight at all.  The weather at home is apparently at 30 degrees celsius with blue skies.  Looking forward to getting a semblance of a tan back.  Apparently the UK is defending into snow chaos once again? Hope you are all keeping warm and safe!



  1. well, this is an outfit i would wear all the time! love it :)

  2. Great photos :) Love your tshirt and hat- very cute xx


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