Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Shorts: New Yorker.  Shirt: flea market

I've been seeing the 'americana' theme everywhere recently.  From Company magazine to blogs I read.  So I thought I might as well do my version of it.  Picked this shirt up from the flea market a few weeks ago.  The print was so amazingly tacky I couldn't not buy it.  I'm going through an 'ugly clothes' phase.  The tackier the print the more I love it.  I've paired it with my USA shorts, it's all very obvious but I enjoy it nonetheless.  

Got some very exciting things planned, the girls and I decided today that we wanted to go to the Cannes Film festival and stay in Nice this weekend.  It was a better idea in the planning because nearly every single hostel is booked out but we shall persevere. 

more soon


Hostel is booked, going to Nice on Friday and hitting up Cannes for the Film Festival on Saturday.  Living the dream.


  1. Love this you look wonderful! I wouldn't say it's tacky at all, charming is the word that springs to mind...and quintessentially americana!

  2. this is awesome, definitely not tacky!

  3. Love your shirt and your shorts are awesome too :)

  4. oh. my. goodness. everything about this amazing! i need to pull my husband over & show him immediately. this is my first time visiting the little nomad, but now i'm COMPLETELY convinced that i ought to stick around. what i would give for those shorts! ah! xo.


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