Monday, 21 May 2012


Oh my what a gorgeous weekend I've had.  I'm devastated that it's over I want to do it all over again. Cannes was beautiful and absolutely heaving! We went in on Saturday to the film festival but sadly didn't see any celebrities.  It gets so manic and busy that I don't think celebrities venture out into the town because it'd cause pandemonium, they all retreat to their gorgeous yachts.  So much glamour and class in Cannes, it's made me even more determined to get a well paying job so I can enjoy just a tiny tiny fraction of the luxury of Cannes.  

We walked around the old town and had a beautiful view from a church on the hill top.  Then we walked along the beautiful beach and nearly crashed an interview of two French actors because we got stuck behind the pop up restaurants that were built on the beach, and we had to run through an invite only restaurant to get back onto the boulevard.  Always funny.  My friends and I felt as if there was some big secret going on at Cannes that we weren't let in on, obviously there were a lot of paparazzi who were running around taking pictures.  I've come to the conclusion that being a paparazzo is a really creepy job, they all knew where the celebrities were staying and having dinner etc.  Super creepy.  But what I'd love to do though is go back to Cannes sometime again when it's not film festival to really enjoy it in peace and quiet, but still there's still got something to be said about a beautiful city buzzing with well dressed people and a great atmosphere.  Won't be forgetting this trip too quickly.

More soon


  1. Beautiful photos, I'm so jealous!

  2. Looks great! So jealous! Haha Hope you had a wonderful time xx


  3. aah, I was in Cannes a couple of months ago but it was bitterly cold! It's such a lovely place so I'm glad you enjoyed it. That ice cream you ate looks crazy and delicious, and your outfit is so casual but still so stylish. Love it.

  4. Ahh I wish I could go to Cannes some time! These photo's are absolutely amazing! I just discovered your blog and I think it's lovely! I am following you now!

    xoxo, Laura

  5. Gosh, Cannes looks stunning, that beach is perfection. Your hair also looks wonderful. Thank you for the birthday message too :)


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