Monday, 28 May 2012

Sweet Disposition

Top: TopShop. Shorts: Pull & Bear. Shoes: Vans. Lipstick: MAC's Sail La Vie.

I enjoy how tanned my legs look in these photos.  Finally the sun is having the desired effect.

These are just some quick photos from Saturday night.  My friends and I went to a dub step night, and I wasn't really sure how to dress for it so went with my trusty TopShop mustache top and comfy shoes.  Tried to go for the ~alternative look.  My Pull & Bear shorts are very short but I'm embracing it and leaving my tights at home for the summer now.  Also I've been asked this before but my hair is all my own, no extensions for me.  I'm in desperate need of a hair cut but I want it to be longer than it is now.  #Girlproblems.

I'm finally organised for my departure, made all the necessary calls to sort everything out.  My suitcase is being picked up by the French train service (SNCF) and they're sending that to Germany for me.  I'm packing up my room into two boxes and another big suitcase which I'm taking to DHL with a friend on Tuesday afternoon so they can send that to Cardiff.  Then it's rise and shine at 6am to get my train to Germany on Thursday.  Can't believe how quickly these past few days have gone.  I'm so looking forward to being home, you have no idea.   I also never realised how much stuff I actually cart around with me and how many clothes I have that I just never wear.  Going to have to have a clean out when I'm back home and bring things to the charity shop.

More soon


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! Love the cute little tee too xx

  2. Your hair looks amazing! I also need a cut :p ah it's sad your time in France is coming to an end =( xx

  3. Great outfit. I need to find one of those shirts!

  4. Love the T-shirt :)

  5. You look stunning, and yes there's nothing better than having tanned legs!


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