Saturday, 23 June 2012

Off duty

(Jeans: Zara.  V-neck: H&M mens.  Sunglasses: H&M.  Shoes: Converse)

I'm not going to pretend that I'm a major fashionista or that I have impeccably exciting style.  Far from it.  I'm pretty safe when it comes to clothes.  Being small and far from skinny minnie means that I don't really like showing my legs and the tops of my arms.  Hence my dislike of dressing for summer.  Tights and knitwear are my life long friends.  

But this kind of outfit is my 'off duty' look - easy, comfy and not fussy.  I was traipsing through my aunt's raspberry shrubs this afternoon trying to collect enough for a cake/make jam with so I was 'sensibly' dressed.  These Zara jeans have been hiding away at the back of my wardrobe for a long time since I bought them (about a year ago).  I tend to find that when it comes to trousers, the Zara sizings can be slightly cruel as they run quite small (or is that just me?).  So I was very self conscious about wearing these but then through some strange miracle I lost weight in France without really trying, so it was 'now or never' with these jeans.  Might as well.  I see that Converse don't seem to feature on many blogs, are people not that keen on them? For me they are my go to shoes, they are so comfortable and easy to wear.  Saying this, they are the few shoes that actually fit me well.  I have a constant battle with my size 2.5 feet (EU 35, US 5).

I hope you guys have had a lovely Saturday and that the weekend treats you well.  Tomorrow my family and I are having Sunday brunch and then I'll try and make a head start with Anna Karenina.  I want to read the book before the film comes out in September but the book isn't that easy going.  It's Tolstoy, what's to be expected?

More soon


  1. Ok first, you look great :) I wish I could wear converse but I think they make my feet look huge! Secondly, raspberry cake? Sounds yummy! Hope you'll post the results. And also yes about Zara sizes...and so many other shops unfortunately. I'm not exactly small on the bottom area and lots of jeans just don't account for this!

  2. This is such a perfect outfit, I have the same small and curvy build and it's always harder to feel comfortable and stylish in the summer...I think you've very much pulled it off though you look great!


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