Monday, 30 July 2012

All Day and All Of The Night

Trousers: TopShop - current season.  Strap top: H&M.  Cardigan: Mango.  Shoes: Primark.  Bag: French flea market.  Hat: France.

A few weeks before I came back to the UK I let myself go onto TopShop's website.  When I was in France I avoided online shopping because the shipping costs blew my mind and I had a general (and justified) mistrust of the French post.  When packing to come back to Cardiff I realised that despite me constantly standing in front of my wardrobe screaming "I have nothing to wear!", I most definitely do have clothes to wear, in fact I have clothes coming out my ears.  So I'm currently on a clothes ban and have set myself a 'one item per month' rule.  These trousers are my July item.  They look better in person, they don't seem to photograph very well.  I'm bored of jeans and was inspired to buy these after seeing them online and after reading Olivia's lovely blog and seeing her amazing collation of printed trousers.  

Some of you may have realised that in all my recent photos I'm wearing my glasses, I'm currently on a 3 month contact lens ban from my doctor.  Highly annoying when the sun is out because I hate not being able to wear sunglasses.  But my glasses are factoring into the Jess Day/ Zooey Deschanel look I'm going for (can season 2 of New Girl be on TV already please?).

Cardiff is still in full on Olympic fever.  There are Germans everywhere for some reason.  Feels like I'm back home.  I don't live too far away from the Millennium Stadium so I can hear the crowd screaming every time a team scores a goal when a match is on and all the main roads get closed off for the football so people can walk to the stadium.  I can't have my windows open because all we can hear then are the vuvuzelas.  I curse the day they were invented.

More soon


  1. Those trousers are gorgeousss!


  2. wow these are amazing, I love the colour. A spending ban sounds like a wise idea for me too, but I may just have to buy these.. I love the flatforms with them too! xx

  3. I'd love to be able to cut my spending down to one item a month! It's so difficult! :( I love your trousers, I nearly ordered them the other day :P

  4. You are so lovely and that spending ban sounds wonderful. I might give it a go :)
    xx Maria

  5. Oh I love these printed trousers! You're rockin those glasses (I need New Girl back in my life too).

  6. Very cute outfit! I have those shoesss <3

  7. There's going to be a season 2 of New Girl?! Yayyy! Love Zooey Deschanel! :)
    Your hair and shoes look really cute together, and I love those heart printed trousers! xx

  8. Dankeschön. Das Outfit ist richtig toll :)

    Liebe Grüße
    Vicky | golden mirrors

  9. hi sweetie,
    you have such lovely blog. i love it. your style is amazing, i love such style. this outfit is genius. i really like those pants, i wanted to buy them but i wasn't sure how they look like in real. you know, we don't have topshop so i wanted to order it online. and now i kinda regret that i didn't order this. are they cute right <3
    i just followed you, i really like your blog.

  10. thank-you for the comment my lovely, i adore your shorts! they are so sweet.

    lots of love,

    lily from red brick lipstick


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