Thursday, 19 July 2012

We are young

 (Dress: BCBG.  Clutch: H&M)

So I'm back where I belong: Wales.  Being back in Cardiff feels great especially because I got to see my best friend graduate after getting a 2:1 on her 21st birthday!  In typical Welsh fashion the day started off with non stop rain but thankfully it cleared up so we could take graduation photos in front of the Olympic rings that have been put up by City Hall.  Cardiff is hosting all the Olympic football matches this summer so hence all the Olympics fever.

I've only been back a week but it's been pretty non stop.  Moving in has been hectic, there's so much to sort out and we're not getting internet until August 10th so I'm using and abusing my boyfriend's internet.  But things should be calm again now that graduation week is over and my to do list has gotten shorter.  I'll be complaining about having nothing to do once I work my way through all of Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire.  

More soon hopefully


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  1. Congrats to your friend! Good luck with the rest of setting up, sounds like you're going to be busy.

  2. Lovely pictures! I bet the Olympic fever is exciting. I know I would be excited if any Olympic event was being hosted near me!


  3. Great photos! :))



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