Sunday, 26 August 2012

Home life

I thought I'd share some snapshots of my new little life now that I'm pretty much properly settled into it.  It really is a little life because my friend and I live a cosy cute two bed flat with an open plan living room and kitchen, in an amazing location.  It's pretty cosy and perfect for us two girls and somehow all my clothes fit into the wardrobe (granted there's not that much room for maneuver).

Decorating my room was about finding space for all my books because there is no space for a bookcase.  Luckily there's a ledge running around my whole room so I can just stack them there.  I still have a whole trunk (from my boarding school days) of books to unpack, that's what you get for studying English literature.  My make up storage is an IKEA box and washed IKEA candle jars which I recycled.  I'm desperately trying to cut down on the amount of make up products I'm using but it's not really working.

I've decorated my door with postcards that I've been sent by friends or collected from art galleries, cities and countries I've visited.  I love collecting them as souvenirs and they always bring back great memories.  I wish I could paint my room, I'd love to paint just one wall a pretty colour but I don't think that our landlord would be very impressed! So for now I'm overcompensating with fairy lights and postcards.

This weekend I've lost my boyfriend to Reading Festival (this is his 8th Reading in a row!) but once he's back I'm dragging him to IKEA for the day.  Even if I don't have much space at all for more interior decor it's still fun to go there and pretend you have all the space in the world for furniture, or that you live in the show rooms (à la 500 Days of Summer).

More soon


  1. your room is so, so cute, I love how you've arranged everything! I think I need to start displaying my prettiest shoes too <3 xx

  2. a very tidy and organised room :)very cute fairy lights! x

  3. Cute photos, your house looks lovely.
    I have to colour coordinate my wardrobe as well! haha x

  4. Oh wow, it seems amazing <3

  5. Ooooo I really need to get some fairy lights! I'm absolutely loving your little space of the internet, the design, the content EVERYTHING. IT warms my heart. Thank you for the Roomspiration :-) and thank you for all your kind comments on the blog!


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