Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Sun Hands

Living the most frugal life possible i.e. spending as little as physically possible and not going anywhere, plus the distinct lack of any kind of summer weather recently has resulted in me feeling a little nostalgic and homesick for Oman.  

Some of you may not know this but I grew up in Oman, we moved out there when I was just 5 years old.  Our time in Oman is drawing to a close, this coming Christmas is probably going to be my last ever Christmas there.  But I can't even think about that yet, it makes my heart sink and always gets me close to tears.  We moved away briefly when we went to Qatar in 2006 but after 2 years we came back to Oman.  That move away was hard enough so I hate to think how leaving Oman for good is going to feel.

Quite a lot of people have no idea where Oman is located, it's right next to the United Arab Emirates and on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula.  Most people know exactly where Dubai is, which ten years ago was nothing more than a tiny city in the middle of the desert, but have no idea of the huge country that boarders the UAE.  Oman is, according to international indices, one of the most developed and stable countries in the Arab World.  It has a stunning range of geographical features: beaches, huge mountain ranges, salt plains and the desert.  I personally find Oman far more appealing than Dubai.  There is far less glitz and glamour in Oman and it feels very grounded.  The Omani people are some of the most warm hearted people I've ever met, which is probably why it is so hard for me to leave.  I'm kicking myself that I never made the effort to sit down and learn Arabic as a child.  Massively regretting that now.

If your travels ever bring you to the Middle East I really cannot recommend Oman enough.  The visit will stay with you for ever.



  1. These photos are great, i've never actually been to the Middle East though, for my sins. i'd love to go there though.

    p.s. i've nommed you for a Liebster Award here:


  2. Wow, these photos are truly incredible. This is the third time I've visitied this post, just to see the pictures. My mind is blown! I would love to visit there someday.


  3. oh wow, this place is amazing, your pictures are so so so lovely and when i look at them i feel like i was there. it's amazing feeling. well done post ! i'd love to ask you to check my last post and let me please know what do you think about this <3

  4. I love these pictures - fantastic travel snaps!

  5. these photos are fantastic; i would LOVE to travel to the middle east. ♥

  6. These images are beautiful! The middle east looks stunning. Sounds like you had a really amazing time :)
    Your blog is beautiful.

  7. Looks stunning! I would love to visit here! I'm from Wales too! ;) xx

  8. Wow Oman looks and how you described it sounds like a wonderful place, you are so lucky to have lived in such diversely and culturally enriched places!

  9. Lovely photos, I can see why you miss it!


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