Wednesday, 29 August 2012

This time last year

August 29 2011 - the start of my ERASMUS year.

Nostalgia has hit me ever so slightly but the overriding feeling is 'damn where did all that time go?' I can't believe it's been a year since my year abroad started.  It went by so quickly but I think I'm starting to glamourise it already! It's so easy to look at all the photos I took and not remember the very average or even dull days that I had abroad.  But that's life and I'm doing the best to remember the good times I had.  Hopefully I'll get more opportunities in life to travel to new places and experience those cultures as well.

Do you guys ever get travel nostalgia?



  1. My dad lives in Germany and every time I go back home from Germany I have that nostalgia...

  2. it's funny how time passes so quickly but when you look back it seems so long ago! xx

  3. I'm thinking of looking into Erasmus whilst I'm at uni! It seems like a great opportunity, I'm just worried about being in a foreign country with different languages!

    1. ERASMUS is a great opportunity and obviously the major challenge is living in a foreign country with a language you're not 100% familiar with but being away from English and in that new environment you get used to the language pretty quickly. Studying abroad also gives your CV a huge boost and looks very attractive to future employers! If you want to find out more or just ask some more questions about ERASMUS feel free to email me ( xx

  4. Gorgeous photo. It always amazes me how quickly time passes, especially when looking at old photos x

  5. Hello, I just found your blog frm Ladybird Likes...very jealous of all your travels! I get nostalgia all the time for my past trips abroad, especially as since I bought a flat last year I have no money for anything else. Hopefully next year I'll get a trip abroad! x

  6. You have a gorgeous blog so thank you for following mine otherwise I'd never have found yours! (: I've had travel nostalgia for the past week after returning from Berlin which is weird because I never thought of myself as much of a traveler (: I do wish I'd done ERASMUS and seeing all my uni friends go off to various places this year for their year abroad makes me ever so slightly jealous (: xx

  7. I get it all the time! holidays with my friends, childhood holidays & ones with your mum & dad. Sometimes it only takes like a scene or a smell or a voice & it takes you back haha xx


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