Thursday, 2 August 2012

Welsh life

 Shirt and shorts: H&M.  Shoes: converse.  Bag: Urban Outfitters.  Scarf: vintage.  Lipstick: MAC Sail La Vie

In keeping with trying to make the most out of the few sunny days that we have, the other half and me went to St Fagans National History Museum, which is an outdoor museum and it comprises over thirty re-erected buildings from various locations in Wales, and is set in the grounds of St Fagans Castle.  It's well worth a visit if you're ever heading into Wales especially if you're lucky enough to catch a good day.

Life has been moving slowly which I'm enjoying.  I'm reading my course books and doing some freelance language work.  Can't get over how good it feels to be back in the UK.

More soon



  1. Great photos! I went to St Fagans a few years ago when i was in Cardiff (because i'm a Doctor Who nut and they filmed there)- it's a nice place. xx


  2. Wow those pictures are amazing <3 I'm jealous that you guys have such interesting museums there!

  3. I live in Wales, not far away from St Fagan's, glad you had a great time there :)



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