Saturday, 8 September 2012


So another day, another visit to the seaside.  My other half and I drove out west to Tenby (Dinbych-y-Pysgod in Welsh meaning little town of the fishes or little fortress of the fish) and on the way home we stopped off at one of the beaches on the Gower.

I pretty much fell head over heels for Tenby.  It's the perfect seaside town with it's colourful  buildings and beautiful beaches.  We went for a wander around the walled town center and ate chips on Castle Hill.  The beach at Tenby was right up my street, clear water and almost white sand so pretty much the opposite of my visit to Penarth the other day.  

The last five pictures weren't taken in Tenby but at a beach on the Gower.  The Gower is a peninsula jutting into the English Channel and it's one of the first areas in Britain to be awarded an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Lots of films have been filmed here including Robin Hood (the Russell Crowe version), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Shell Cottage), Doctor Who and Snow White and the Huntsman.  It's such a beautiful area and I'm glad we came here.  The coast stretches on for miles and miles and the water is so clear and beautiful.  The landscape in that area is pretty dramatic because on one hand you've got the sea and the sand dunes and then on the other hand if you turn around you've got the green hills and the moors behind you.  It was such a peaceful and calming end to the day and just really reminded me of how beautiful Wales is.

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  1. this is so beautiful!
    i love seeing a street full of colourful houses, its so adorable :3

  2. So beautiful! I love little seaside towns. I've never experienced such a sunny day in Wales!

  3. Gorgeous photos, I love Tenby :) ox

  4. so sunny and so lovely <3 looking good in the polkadots! xx

  5. These photos are so beautiful! I've never properly visited Wales, but by the looks I definitely need to! xx

  6. GOSH these places look beautiful. I love the look of these UK seaside towns, with the colourful buildings! The last picture is amazing, I love the idea of the beach against the moors.

  7. Beautiful photos! Might have to take a trip here, not been to this part ofmwales before and it looks amazing! You look so lovely too, love the top,:) x

  8. Ohh wow, it looks so pretty! I want to be by the sea now please!

  9. Very pretty pictures, what camera did you use?


    1. Thank you! I use a Canon IXUS 80 IS which is a pretty straight forward point and shoot, it's 4 years old so it's been battered around but I'm in the process of saving up for an upgrade.

  10. beautiful place!


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