Tuesday, 11 September 2012

La nostalgie

Okay okay I'll admit it I'm severely nostalgic for France at the moment.  I'm craving Orangina like crazy (you can buy it in the UK but it just doesn't taste the same!) and some decent pastry. The latter is practically non existent here in Cardiff.  I would happily swap scones and tea cakes for perfect macaroons and crème brûlées at the moment.  These photos are just random ones taken from my iPhoto library, the months and places vary but they all bring a smile to my face.  

I didn't realise I'd miss France as much as I am.  Might have to start looking at the Eurostar...



  1. Ooh I love these photos! You're lucky that you can get to France by train - the idea of taking a train to another country still blows my mind, haha.

  2. Those photos are lovely, I think France has to be my favourite place in the entire world.
    I love your blog by the way! x

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  3. These pictures look lovely - I love the picture with the fishes behind you!

  4. Have you looked into travelling on the Megabus coaches? I think it takes around 12 hours but you can get to France for £20 haha! I'm contemplating it next year with a friend as the place looks beautiful.

    Thanks for your converse advice! I saw you wearing the navy ones a few posts down - lookin' good! My friend wears hers with skirts, dresses, jeans etc.. so I would definitely get my wear out of them!

  5. such beautiful photos! i've been to france twice (when i was in school haha) but i think i'll have to go again!

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