Tuesday, 4 September 2012


For me it's incredibly important to make the best out of the town I live in and to support local businesses.  I get the feeling that a lot of the time we get caught up in global food chains where every restaurant (regardless of it's host country) looks the same and everything tastes the same.  The philosophy behind Milgi is 'people doing small things to make Big things happen' and it's unique to Cardiff.

Milgi Lounge (213 City Road, Cardiff) is 100% vegetarian, and a few dishes are also vegan friendly.  I'm not a vegetarian (I could never give up bacon sorry!) but I love eating vegetables and locally grown produce.  Milgi try to cook as seasonally as possible and take their inspiration from food from all over the world.  Pretty much everything is made from scratch.  They host art evenings, live music and there's even a yurt in the back garden where 'supper and storytelling' is hosted once a month.  It's pretty much a hipster's dream.  If you're ever in Cardiff it's well worth a visit.

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  1. Your blog is perfect :---) Nice to find someone who loves books and the UK as much as I do, eep! Instant follow :---) !!

  2. :O this place looks amazing <3 the food looks so good!! xx


  3. Love the colors in these photos! And that sandwich...yum :)

    another day to wander

  4. It sounds and looks like a wonderful place, I love the bunting!
    I'll definitely check it out if I'm ever in Cardiff!

    I'm having a little giveaway on my blog.
    Ciara xx

  5. This looks like the cutest place ever! Going to have to ask some of my Welsh friends if they'll take me I think haha (: xx

  6. cute blog. x


  7. this place looks soo nice! love the sofas, sofas always make cafes feel like home :)

  8. the place is so quirky and charming! i love all their cute details, like that clothed wall and the cute banners strewn about. it sounds like your town has some pretty great gems :) and i totally agree, i'd never be able to quit bacon either ;)

  9. oh wow! this place is so beautiful <3 i love it!

  10. WAIT A MINUTE!!! You're 4ft 11? I'm 4ft11! I tell people i'm 5ft / 5ft1 (wishful thinking). I love it when someone is the same height as me, I get so tired looking up at people! I wish I was tall! This place looks amazing and I wish there were more like this, it's really wonderful to see people supporting indie businesses, they always have to put more effort in to what they do. I love the attention to detail and better customer service from small businesses xxx

  11. oh wow this is just up the road from me ! it looks amazing defiantly going to have to check it out !! thank you for posting this :P

  12. Aww this is lovely - i would totally visit this place if i lived nearby! it looks amazing and delicious - you are such a great person <3

    High-Stitched Voice

  13. I love discovering unique little places like this. I know there's a certain 'familiarity' in chain shops, but I much prefer discovering something completely different!

  14. pretty photos! looks like such a peaceful place


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