Sunday, 23 September 2012

Winter is coming

Winter is coming and bringing with it is a massive dip in my mood.  I love autumn in general but the bad weather paired with the darker days really take their toll on my mood.  So in an effort to keep the blues at bay I went on a charity shop book splurge.  I read so much when I was younger but doing an English literature course takes the fun out of reading a bit.  But my flat is too cosy to contemplate leaving so I thought some of these books would do well in keeping me company.  I love books that are studies on countries and societies (referring to The Germans and The English) and seeing as I don't feel particularly German this book could end up teaching me a lot.  Contradicting what I said about studying literature taking the fun out of reading, since doing a crime fiction module in second year I've become more and more obsessed intrigued by crime fiction.  Val McDermid is pretty full on and intense but most of her books are all about profiling criminals so that works out well since I love Criminal Minds.  I'm just a big geek in general.

Any books that you guys like to read when the weather gets colder? The hard part now for me is choosing what I get round to reading first.

More soon


  1. I knew I'd seen the bedding I picked up in Ikea somewhere - and now I know - snap, bedding twins! (: I completely agree with English degrees taking all the fun out of literature. But I'm also doing crime fiction this year and can't wait!! All the books I've read so far are amazing, and it's my favourite genre to read outside of uni too! xx

  2. love D.H Lawrence! good picks.


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  4. Lady Chatterly's Lover! Oh, one of my favourites. There are 3 slightly different versions and I've read them all!


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