Sunday, 28 October 2012


Cardiff is forever finding ways of getting me to part with my hard earned money (trust me my job is very very unglamorous).  Cardiff Fashion Quarter opened up on Saturday.  People can rent stalls/parts of the building to sell vintage, second hand things or things that they've made themselves.  CFQ is all about encouraging the ~alternative part of Cardiff.  I for one am pretty happy about this.  I walked in with the sole intention of looking around and came back with a gorgeous vintage jumper for a measly £10 and a cardigan for just £15.  I'm not really sticking to my one item a month rule as such anymore but I'm a lot more fussy with what I'm buying now.  I love buying vintage because you're reusing and recycling clothes, I find it so sad that a lot of the clothes we buy from places like Primark really compromise on quality.  It's also exciting having independent shops, makes a nice change from the high street and seeing other people wearing the same dress as you.  

It's exciting seeing Cardiff embrace independent retailers and letting people get creative.  How amazing is the art on the building?

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  1. love these photos it looks like such a cool place :) ox

  2. lovely photos, looks soo cool! xx

  3. That looks like such a neat little place! Gorgeous finds. :)


    UNIque - a college/uni lifestyle & fashion blog

  4. gorgeous vintage pieces, lovely picks!
    would you like to follow each other?

  5. Missed out on this last time I was in the 'diff! Definitely going to have a gander next time I'm in town! xD

  6. You sound like me! I'm on a mission to buy more from charity and vintage shops to save money and get away from everything breaking within the first couple of weeks, though I'm not usually that lucky with thrifty finds :( I'm just starting up a new blog if you have time to have a little look :)

  7. i love to be in those places dear
    X the cookies

  8. I'm all about being a picky shopper (even though sometimes it's hard and you just want to sink into a pit of retail therapy). Both those sweaters look cozy and lovely for the winter though!

  9. Wow I always go to Cardiff and I never knew this place seems I will be parting with some cash soon too.

    Great blog by the way, I was wondering if you would like to follow each other?



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