Monday, 1 October 2012


This week marks my return to university for what will be my last year so the other half and I decided a few weeks ago that we wanted to make the best out of what time I still had off so last Thursday we headed down south to visit his family in Portsmouth.  As is customary for us we also ventured into London for the day.

I love London even though I find it totally overwhelming.  I'm terrible with the tube (claustrophobia sucks) and big masses of people scare me so by all accounts I shouldn't be such a fan of the capital but I am.  London has so much to offer from the ~alternative Camden to super shiny and beautiful Harrods, there's something for everyone.  I'd never been to Harrods before and of course loved every second of it.  They had me at 'pet emporium' and 'food hall'.  Other pit stops included Ladurée to escape from the rain and have tea and of course Camden, Carnaby Street and Oxford Street for shopping.  The sheer variety and size of the shops in London always blows my mind.

I'll share some more photos from our trip soon, but for now it's back to French grammar and library days.

More soon


  1. I love London, I would not mind living there. I been there just one time some years ago, and was amazing! xx

  2. Love your photos! La Duree is a personal favourite of mine :-)


  3. Awesome pictures, sounds like you had a great time! I love London so much.

  4. I miss London! I need to plan a trip to visit my sister soon :)

  5. What fabulous photographs looks like you had such a wonderful time!

  6. I haven't been to London since my visit over 10 years ago! Looking at those macaroons is making me drool. Loving these pictures though. :)

  7. Your photos make London look very beautiful. Especially the sweet treats.
    You have such a lovely blog by the way!

    le fresne x


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